Fibromyalgia Social Skills, Coping, Motivation & Quality of Life

 Social Skills, Coping, Motivation

The Baker Assertiveness Aggressive Scale measures social skills 10. (e.g., assertiveness and aggressiveness), which, if deemed inappropriate to the situation, may be subject to modification. The Coping Strategies Questionnaire (CSQ) is a 50-item self-report instrument designed to assess six cognitive and two behavioral coping strategies, including diverting attention, reinterpreting pain sensation, coping self statements, ignoring pain sensations, praying or hoping, catastrophizing, increasing activity level, and increasing pain behaviors. 89. Such scales have been associated with health-seeking behavior in FMS subjects. 97 The Self-motivation Scale is a 40-item self-administered instrument designed to assess self-motivation independent of situational reinforcements. 36. Ten subsections are identified. In a comparison between fibromyalgia and rheumatoid arthritis patients, there was no statistically significant difference found using this instrument. 106.

Quality of Life

Quality of life encompasses a broad spectrum of domains that include health status, environment, economic resources, relationships, work, self enhancement, and leisure activities. 64. These factors, along with health and independence, represent a broad spectrum of qualities that combined to contribute to an assessment of quality in life. The Quality of Life Scale asks patients to rate their level of satisfaction on 16 items using a seven-point scale; higher indicates more satisfied. This instrument has been used to study FMS both in North American and Swedish populations. 21, 22.

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