This website describes a series of interventions undertaken in a "Private Chronic Benign Pain Management Clinic" setting over a ten year period, where 10,000 patients were treated with a wide range of therapies including: Acupuncture, Relaxation Training, Biofeedback, Hypnosis, Nerve Blocks and Physiotherapy.

The therapeutic goals were primarily the amelioration of the presenting pain state by treatment aimed at resolving the tissue problem or reflexes maintaing the pain state and the prevention of reoccurrences by re-education of pain related emotions, posture and job task. Substantial attempts were made to quantify and present the results obtained by the interventions over time.

Several articles detailing the results of medical practitioner education, focussed on the interventions listed above, including changes in diagnostic behaviour in particular utilisation of pathology and radiology and usage/introduction of non-drug therapeutic modalities and prescribing behaviour are presented.

One in three Western households has one or more members with a chronic pain condition.

Of those with chronic pain 40% describe it as distressing, severe or unbearable.

Most have been living with their pain for over three years.

Patient's Pain Communication Tool